// The flowers under the sun
sublimed into scent
across the green expanse
as spring welcomed summer.
The clouds too receded,
for the sun to make its mark
across the vastness above
as it transitioned into ether.
In greetings, I let the sunshine
settle onto my skin
for I too yearn
to evaporate, to rise,
to disappear.

  • Kamakshi Verma //

This is for the summers I took for granted and the wanderlust that marked them for me.
I miss the impromptu weekend escapes and the planned vacations; the underrated domestic locations and the much boasted international ones, all of them alike.
I no longer care to choose between hill stations & beaches, bustling cities & modest towns.
As now we are humbled, I hope places accept me and I learn to appreciate them✨

( goodbye summer 2020)

Dil Bechara – A memoir.

Dil Bechara: An ethereal tribute, coupled with our search for closure. I usually don’t write about movies for whatever they make me feel is transient. But these feelings, aren’t a prey to time, they are here to stay. It is a tale of the sweetness of life and laughter, and the injustice of death; and we are left with the aftertaste of painful peace. For we could draw links between the reel and the real, our mind decoded dialogues so that our hearts could feel the presence of what lies beyond his character. I knew the story by heart, yet my eyes couldn’t miss a second of it or of him actually. I wanted to soak in, for this was my last chance to celebrate his talent, his charming demeanour, his grandeur. With this movie we have found the last piece of a cosmic puzzle and he has come to a full circle- immortalized in the crypt of his fans’ hearts.
And I like many others, have failed to put it into words.

– Kamakshi Verma

For my readers who aren’t from India- Dil Bechara is a movie that happens to be the last film of Sushant Singh Rajput, a Bollywood actor who passed away, a month ago due to suicide. He was a brilliant actor who didn’t get enough credit for his work. His demise has sparked a huge debate on Nepotism in Bollywood and the unfair treatment of talent that comes from outside the industry.


When I look at myself and think about the most defining moments of my life, for every story of victory, I have many more stories of failure. Even though I highlight my highs for they are the peaks that people spot from far away, my lows are like the valleys where the strength of my foundations lie. It’s true when people say “Our failures form our character”, for each time I stumble and fall, I learn some of the best lessons that life has to offer. Lessons that I have been scared of, for we are always taught to win at things, no matter what the cost is. But then why is it that it’s failure that costs us our hearts?

For long I have been afraid, to let people down, to let myself down and to make myself vulnerable to everything that comes along with rejection. Tenacity is a far-fetched virtue when dubiety casts your self-image, so I have lost opportunities for I was afraid to lose. But now I wish to sail and taste the sea, even if my voyage is marked with difficulties, for at least my attempts would provide me peace.

Even when my path’s unknown and destination distant, I’ll take a leap. I’ll rather be an amalgamation of my failed attempts, a curation of courage and wild dreams than being one of lost chances and all-consuming repentance. For failure isn’t my foe but fear of failing is.

-Kamakshi Verma.


I wanted to apologise for being inconsistent with my posts. What can I say, it’s just that life had kept me busy! I hope I can spare some more time to share my thoughts with you guys🌻

Thank you for reading😊

My valley of solitude.

In the serenity that envelops,

shields & takes me away

from the cacophony of the voices

that echo in my mind, each day

In sync with what lies beyond

I unravel myself

to find in me the replica of

the peace & quiet,

my own valley of solitude

so calm, so tranquil.

– Kamakshi Verma.

She fell like rain

Drop by drop

she skimmed you,

her light shower

bedewed your skin.

She fell in haste

to hold you close

She settled by will

to drench you in.

Until, she slipped off

your hand & heart

She kept falling for you,

She fell, like the rain.

– Kamakshi Verma.

Image courtesy: unknown, Pinterest.

Our love.

Our love is

forbidden by the stars

that refuse to align,

the love that escapes

the confines of time,

for this shared sky is

a timeless tale

of how forbidden love

transcends into

eternal pain.

-Kamakshi Verma.

Have faith in your art

When you liberate your art on to a platform for others to see, read, or resonate with, you share a part of your mind, your voice. You make yourself vulnerable in ways that’s not easy to comprehend.

As artists we love to create but as humans we seek approval, yet it’s important that our peace is in our work not in viewers’ response.

For every creator- have faith in your work, for every appreciator- we are grateful to you and for everyone else- be kind 💛