The light of the day plays peek-a -boo

with the heavy curtains of despair.

Each glimmer that enters

quells qualms &

disenthralls the mind from fears.

Hope is this light ray

it’s apricity,

melts the umbra away.

-Kamakshi Verma


I fear nothing like I fear

withering away into dust

adding to a pile of the forgotten

I fear nothing like I fear

subliming into thin air

without a scent of remembrance

I fear nothing like I fear

the absence of a tale

to tail me to the end

I fear nothing like I fear

an unnoticed descend

into the other way of life

I fear nothing like I fear

an existence of nothingness

more so, an absence of it.

-Kamakshi Verma

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An infinity of unfolding

There are chapters unwritten

& characters in development.

A thousand undecided endings,

each tailed by anew beginning.

This and more, coupled together

in an infinity of unfolding.

Who can read the pre-inked ?

Who can know beyond now ?

Who can recite a story still in making ?

Tell me, for I have to figure out life and more…

( or tell me it’s ok to not know)

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In response to http://amanpan.com/2020/09/07/eugis-weekly-prompt-home-sweet-home-september-7-2020/

This bricked house
tricks me to surrender.
To end my search
for “this is home,
my place to be.”
Then why do the walls
have me up against them ?
Why do the gates
have closed up on me ?
Why my place pricks
a longing for escape ?

I’ll rather be homeless
than be here,
for if this is “home”
then why am I homesick.

-Kamakshi Verma.

You have what it takes.

Many a times we have a vision, an idea, a dream of ours that we wrap up and hide in a box. We try to forget it and reason with ourselves, that it’s an impossible thing to accomplish. While we put our efforts in something more “realistic”, something more “doable”, in something that’s “within our reach”. All of this because someone had told us- you don’t have what it takes.

We question our capability, we trap our power, because they said we are aiming too high. But how can we know without having tried ? It might be another mountain or it could also be our Everest, but honestly neither of it is impossible to climb.

No one said it would be easy and you might fail along the way. There would be high hurdles and unseen challenges, yet you would crave to fulfil your vision. And even if at some point in time you do choose to change your course, at least it will save you a “what if”. Above all, an honest shot at your dream is always worth it.

So don’t sell yourself short, don’t question your potential, don’t dismiss a dream without having put your heart and soul in it. You are a RESERVOIR of undiscovered talent, full of PROMISE and POSSIBILITIES. Don’t give up on your idea and call it being “realistic”. Instead act upon your dreams to make them your reality.

Remember our potential increases with each new try. Every time you take a step, you reach closer to your goal, than you had last time. Even when it takes longer than you like, all it does is aid your growth. Trust me, Tomorrow you will have more of “what it takes”, but only if TODAY you give yourself a REAL CHANCE and don’t kill your dream away.

It’s ok to not have it all figured out !

Amidst the rush to sort your life, don’t forget you are only human. It’s ok to not have it all figured out.

It’s ok to not know what next. To not know where your life is headed. To be confused. You can’t know it all. You can’t know the why’s and how’s, the If and bits, so don’t pester yourself. You are only human. Don’t worry you have plenty of time, despite what others say.

Its fine to have a list of unfulfilled tasks – like some goals that you thought you would have achieved by now, or those milestones that the people around you expect you to have crossed. Life isn’t bound to your expectations, nothing really is.

If you had plans that failed remind yourself that the cosmos doesn’t follow your blueprint. It’s ok to give in to the Universe, for no other plan is bigger than Its. Each time you feel your plan has failed, remember in your favour, the Great one has prevailed. Take it as your chance to REDISCOVER, to REBUILD, to REDIRECT yourself.

If you feel you are racing against time and the more you chase, the more you lag behind – For your own sake, just turn around the sand clock and recount. It’s ok to take sometime off, to RESTART, to choose YOUR OWN STARTING POINT in time.Your time begins when you are ready for it.

Try new things, take chances, Explore, before you “figure things out”. Be open to new lessons and learning, be prepared to fail. But most importantly Believe in Yourself. Believe in your journey. Believe that your path will appear when it’s time.


My footprints on sand

have been long washed off

by the cold waves that rush

towards the shore

Still I find traces of me

in the creases of time

ambling places that

I had once cherished

The sound of that sea

has settled at the back

of my mind &

the salty breeze

lingers back

to my tongue

Today I replay the scenes

& retrace my steps.

Here I go.

So you’ll find me

sitting at the side of

that shore.

– Kamakshi Verma


// The flowers under the sun
sublimed into scent
across the green expanse
as spring welcomed summer.
The clouds too receded,
for the sun to make its mark
across the vastness above
as it transitioned into ether.
In greetings, I let the sunshine
settle onto my skin
for I too yearn
to evaporate, to rise,
to disappear.

  • Kamakshi Verma //

This is for the summers I took for granted and the wanderlust that marked them for me.
I miss the impromptu weekend escapes and the planned vacations; the underrated domestic locations and the much boasted international ones, all of them alike.
I no longer care to choose between hill stations & beaches, bustling cities & modest towns.
As now we are humbled, I hope places accept me and I learn to appreciate them✨

( goodbye summer 2020)

Dil Bechara – A memoir.

Dil Bechara: An ethereal tribute, coupled with our search for closure. I usually don’t write about movies for whatever they make me feel is transient. But these feelings, aren’t a prey to time, they are here to stay. It is a tale of the sweetness of life and laughter, and the injustice of death; and we are left with the aftertaste of painful peace. For we could draw links between the reel and the real, our mind decoded dialogues so that our hearts could feel the presence of what lies beyond his character. I knew the story by heart, yet my eyes couldn’t miss a second of it or of him actually. I wanted to soak in, for this was my last chance to celebrate his talent, his charming demeanour, his grandeur. With this movie we have found the last piece of a cosmic puzzle and he has come to a full circle- immortalized in the crypt of his fans’ hearts.
And I like many others, have failed to put it into words.

– Kamakshi Verma

For my readers who aren’t from India- Dil Bechara is a movie that happens to be the last film of Sushant Singh Rajput, a Bollywood actor who passed away, a month ago due to suicide. He was a brilliant actor who didn’t get enough credit for his work. His demise has sparked a huge debate on Nepotism in Bollywood and the unfair treatment of talent that comes from outside the industry.


When I look at myself and think about the most defining moments of my life, for every story of victory, I have many more stories of failure. Even though I highlight my highs for they are the peaks that people spot from far away, my lows are like the valleys where the strength of my foundations lie. It’s true when people say “Our failures form our character”, for each time I stumble and fall, I learn some of the best lessons that life has to offer. Lessons that I have been scared of, for we are always taught to win at things, no matter what the cost is. But then why is it that it’s failure that costs us our hearts?

For long I have been afraid, to let people down, to let myself down and to make myself vulnerable to everything that comes along with rejection. Tenacity is a far-fetched virtue when dubiety casts your self-image, so I have lost opportunities for I was afraid to lose. But now I wish to sail and taste the sea, even if my voyage is marked with difficulties, for at least my attempts would provide me peace.

Even when my path’s unknown and destination distant, I’ll take a leap. I’ll rather be an amalgamation of my failed attempts, a curation of courage and wild dreams than being one of lost chances and all-consuming repentance. For failure isn’t my foe but fear of failing is.

-Kamakshi Verma.


I wanted to apologise for being inconsistent with my posts. What can I say, it’s just that life had kept me busy! I hope I can spare some more time to share my thoughts with you guys🌻

Thank you for reading😊